Day 2 - Tent tarp / groundsheet, DIY

Haven't done shit today. Woke up at 4:30 am, did my usual morning thing (i.e. 1h powerwalking and 30min running). Then I spent the rest of the day trying to get this blog to work the way I want to, and searched for some sponsors (it's probably easier then you think, I'm telling you, they don't grow on treas).

Actually I've found this neat way to make my own tent tarp which I'll go ahead and try out. Surely you could just buy one of a store but since I'm in a tight budget I thought it would be better to DIY (a groundsheet for tents costs about $35, if you want to get a good one, but you could probably get it cheaper too). I will just use it as a reinforcement for my tent, like a groundsheet for when the ground gets really wet and cold. I found out that you should probably use a material called silicon-impregnated ripstop nylon (kown as silnylon). I would have preferd a slightly heavier fabric, but since I'm trying to be lightweight on this expedition I'm choosing this fabric instead. But overall it's a quite strong fabric, and people use it mainly for projects raning from stuff-sacks, ponchos and backpacks so it should do just fine. For the high-stress areas (i.e. the side I'm sleeping on), I'll use something called uncoated ripstop nylon for some extra reinforcment. All togheter it should weigh somewhere around 2,4 oz, which is "good weight" (aka something I actually could carry around, since it has so many uses, you could probably for example use it as an emergency shelter if needed to).

It's absolutely essential that you always consider about putting an item into your kit. Usually I prefer items which allows me to use them in a wide range of tasks since its saves me money, weight and space.

I'll keep you updated on this.

(like so...)

For now good night folks.


Postat av: Anonym

kommer du blogga under resans gång också eller bara månaderna inför?

2011-11-21 @ 19:16:43
Postat av: Niko


Både inför, och under resan. Jag räknar med att uppdatera bloggen veckovis när jag lämnat Sverige, med bilder och text, eventuellt också med videofilmer om det finns ett intresse för det.

2011-11-21 @ 20:30:58

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